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Ukrainian Hunting and Fishing Association was established 10 July 1921.
As of 01.01.2009 the UHFA had 280 900 members of the Association, including:

hunters-232 800
fishermen-48 100

The UHFA structure consists of 24 regional, Kyiv city and Sebastopol regional organizations, 467 district and 7789 primary organizations.
The Association has the workforce of 2 995 persons, including 2 677 gamekeepers.

Ukrainian regional councils have approved resolutions to provide the Association with 33,3 mln hectares of hunting grounds, incl. forests - 3,4 mln. hectares (10%), fields and meadows - 28,1 mln. hectares (86%), water bodies and marshes - 1,3 mln. hectares etc.

The Association has constructed and runs the operations of 75 hunting and fishing bases for 1510 persons, 84 hunting and fishing shops, 33 breeding nurseries, 138 hectares of fish farming and 997 hectares of ponds for fish breeding. Fishing water reservoirs have been stocked with hutchlings in the amount of 1 278,8 thousand pcs.

The Association grounds contain:

elks-1 257
deer-1 410
roe deer-50 905
wild boar-17 332
european (brown) hares-1 mln 304 thousand

7 658 birds and 276 wild animals have been released on the grounds. Steppe marmots and European rabbits are brought and settled.

To provide additional feeding for wild animals during the winter period 4 253,9 tons grain forage, 2 750,1 tons hay, 2 022,7 tons root vegetables, 3,2 mln.pcs. forage bundles and grain sheaves, 1 070,6 tons of other sorts of forage are stocked.

The stocked forage is stored in 954 forage warehouses and is given through 116 830 biotechnical facilities, including 8 735 feeding racks, 53 608 feeding grounds and 54 492 solonets.

All the UHFA regional organizations cultivate soil and grow forage on the area of 896,5 hectares.
14,1 mln. hrn. have been spent by the Association on environmental and biotechnical measures.

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