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License issued by the Ministry of Interior of Ukraine 322414 of 17.08.06

"Safari-ARMS", being the exclusive representative of the world-known gun-making companies, offers the widest range in Ukraine of the world most prestigious hunting guns from Holland & Holland (England) and Krieghoff (Germany), as well as from Karl Hauptmann, Peter Hofer, Johann Fanzoj, presenting unique masterpieces of arms art, made by the gunsmiths from the Austrian town of Ferlach.


      To impress with aesthetics, special energy, coming from the gun, - these are the feelings that must be awaken by tees, expresses and smooth-bore guns, made in Johann Fanzoj gunsmith workshop. This is the thought of the heiress of 9-generation traditions of gunsmiths from a small Austrian town Ferlach, Daniela Fanzoj. Their mastery of making guns has always been up to the highest standards.

      None of the twenty rifles, made in the Fanzoj workshop annually, required the focus of economy, everything being subject to individuality, excellent functionality and amazing aesthetics.

      Construction steels and materials guarantee optimal durability of parts. Barrels are traditionally made of a single work-piece under the so-called scheme of demiblock from the Austrian steel of the highest quality like Boehler Super Blitz with the breaking point of 1100—1200 N/mm2. This enables to make exclusively light and elegant guns, though with much higher labour intensity. This enables to make exclusively light and elegant guns, though with much higher labour intensity.

      Barrels of multi-barrel guns are soldered by the company specialists using the techniques passed down from generation to generation, techniques that have been justified for years. This may seem old-fashioned because the modern level of technologies presents non-soldered floating barrels with adjustment convergence in the muzzle part. Nevertheless, experienced gunsmiths still prefer soldering.


Rifled gun Crocodile
Cal. .375&H Mag.

Unique rifle with a crocodile-shaped sliding breechblock.
Improved mechanism of Mauser system, octagonal barrel, made of B?hler Rasant steel, long shank, magazine capacity 4+1, forward position trigger.
Elegant butt of walnut wood.
Equipped with two optical sights:
Swarovski 1,25-424 LNA, Swarovski 3-1250 LNA.